February School Vacation Hours:
Weekend pricing applies
Mon-Thurs: 12pm noon-9pm (2/17-2/20)
Fri: 12pm noon-12am (midnight)
Sat: 12pm(noon)-9 PM public
Sun: 12pm- 6pm

Fall/Winter Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 3pm-9pm
Fri: 3pm-12am (midnight)
Sat: 12pm(noon) -9 PM public
Sat: 9pm- 12am (midnight) RENTALS ONLY
Sun: 12pm- 6pm

No More Sessions - Daily Pricing
Weekend Pricing applies on Holidays

For rental info call the office or email John at
Monday-Thursday 3pm-9pm

Friday 3pm-midnight

Saturday noon-9pm,
9pm-midnight(rentals only)


Sunday noon-6pm
There are no more sessions.
All prices are full day prices.
Please see the calendar below. Event information (when available) can be seen by clicking on an event.